Soaring with the Owls @theyellowseats

Living in Philly for half a century, one thing was always a given, our sports teams would usually give us angina. This year certainly holds true as the Phillies are still in conversations in mid September. But there is another team that plays games in South Philly that is on the rise and will be a force to be reckoned with as the season wears on.

    The injury plagued Eagles will be fine and Doug will patch things and Howie will find a piece or two to make things happen. But I am not talking about them, the Temple Owls are rising like an owl on the hunt. Knocking off #21 Maryland with swarming defense and decent offense is a sight we usually see in Kelly Green not Cherry Red. The Owls are 2-0 and received 7 votes for the top 25, deservedly so. This with a new coach, their 5th in 9 years. Rod Carey has the team improving every week. They are focused on Buffalo this Saturday with Georgia Tech up the next week. It wasn’t long ago when we talked Temple football, we just included them in a conversation. Now they are the conversation as they continue to exceed the challenges of new systems to learn each year. The team looks well practiced with very good schemes on both sides of the ball. If you haven’t been to the Linc to see them, what are you waiting for, they are a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    And now for the rest of the college football scene. In Philly 2 other teams are generally fan favorites, PSU and ND. They are ranked 13th and 7th respectively and with the way the top 5 are playing, there probably won’t be any changes unless they are downward. One, two, and three are locked up. Clemson is 1 and will be all year. Alabama is 2 and Georgia is 3, they will probably flip flop and number 4 is up for grabs of 3-4 teams. Rooting for PSU and ND are second nature to most in the Philly area, lets make rooting for the Owls a part of that nature.

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