The Rollercoaster that was the 2019 Phillies

Philadelphia: During any season there’s going to be ups and downs and for the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies there was a lot of that as on Sunday afternoon they played their final game of the 2019 season against the Miami Marlins from Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

Before the game, Bryce Harper would speak to the fans and would say the following:

Final lineup for 2019:

The Marlins would jump on the Phillies leading 4-0 and the bats of the Phillies would wake up in the bottom of the 3rd as Brad Miller

The Phillies bullpen would keep them in the game as they attempt to make a comeback.

In the eight Inning, the Phillies would sow that they still had fight in them as they cut the Marlins lead down to 1 on 2 run HR from Brad Miller, his second of the game

There would be drama at Citizens Bank Park as Bryce Harper will lead off the ninth inning and fly out for his final at bat of the season and received an ovation

It would come down to Andrew Knapp to keep the season going and this happened

The 2019 Phillies would finish at .500 at 81-81

So would this be Gabe Kapler final season as manager?

The roller coaster that was the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies:

This offseason for the Phillies will be one of the biggest ones for the franchise as they try to rectify what went wrong during the 2019 season.

Coming into the season there were expectations got the Phillies were going to be Playoff contenders and a lot of people were upset and disappointed in how things went especially with the starting pitching, Bullpen and questionable decisions by Gabe Kapler.

April 2,2020 there will be baseball action for the 2020 season.Stay tuned to see what changes will be made by the Phillies.

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