Nolan Patrick’s Season Start Date, and Future Up in Question

The former 2nd overall pick Nolan Patrick was a trendy pick to have a breakthrough performance in this up coming Flyers season. Now when his season will start is shrouded in uncertainty.

The latest reports on the mysterious upper body injury the third year forward have come out and revealed that Patrick suffers from chronic migraines. A problem since last season, Patrick has worked with doctors and included the team in the process of getting set up with a medication that should help with some of the symptoms.

We’ve seen Nolan Patrick have shining moments, and most of them have come when his aggressiveness has matched his natural skill and playmaking ability. His ability to play that way for a sustained period is now in question. With a concussion history and now a chronic migraine issue, there has to be level of concern from general manager Chuck Fletcher and the organization. Unfortunately at this time Nolan Patrick does not look like an appealing long term option for the team. An RFA after this season, he’s suffered injuries in his previous two pro seasons, as well as previously throughout his junior career.

The former 2nd overall pick was pegged for a breakout season by many, but that though is surely derailed. Now seeing him on the ice and getting a contribution equal to last seasons would be a bonus. Still, as someone who is due for a new contract, and with fellow first round center Morgan Frost waiting in the wings, Patrick’s position with the team is now in flux. Add in the upcoming expansion draft (which covers anyone under contract, which could be Patrick depending on how things go) and this figures to be a lingering question throughout the season.

If Patrick is able to come back and contribute he would be an ideal third line center for the team, and would give them options with Frost and a formidable kids line if they added Farabee to the mix, but as of right now this could be wishful thinking, or worse, a pipe dream. Here’s hoping that Patrick can get healthy and return to be the player he’s hoped to become.

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