Boxing Has Changed, But Russell Peltz Remains

If you’ve been a fan of boxing and lived in the tri-state area over the last 50 years, then you know who Russell Peltz is. The International and World Boxing Hall of Famer built his career in the area and on October 4th the party, and fights will be on for the Peltz Boxing 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Co-promoted by Michelle Rosado of Raging Babe Promotions, Peltz lent his matchmaking talents to card, as he also did on September 20th at Xcite Fight Night 5. That event was at Parx Casino, put on by Joe Hand Promotions and Bam Boxing and was one you should be upset that you missed, according to Peltz.

Despite the fact that it has gotten difficult to make competitive fights at all levels, the main event between Steven Ortiz vs. Alejandro “Popo” Salinas, was an exception to the rule. Peltz, said of the contest “That’s as good a fight as I’ve seen in years. It’s better than most of the garbage you seen television.” With the amount of titles, boxing organizations,  promoters and all the red tap that comes in today’s boxing world, Ortiz and Salinas slugged it out, with Salinas dropping Ortiz in the 3rd and 4th rounds, before Ortiz blazed a comeback trail to take a majority decision.

It is the type of fight Peltz relishes getting to see. In Philadelphia, at the Blue Horizon where he started, it would be the kind of fight you might see every month, but its a rarity in today’s day and age.  A competitive and even match, where even with a loss, a fighter like Salinas secures himself fans in the area and shows off to other local movers and shakers who would love to book an entertaining guy for their next show.

Peltz knows fighters and loves to see them tested. On the celebration show the main event pits Victor Padilla against Romain Thomas in a true test for the undefeated Padilla. “I think Victor Padilla is a stone cold killer, I think he’s a monster but Romain Thomas is not afraid.”

The whole card features 9 fights, more of which Peltz thinks could be show stealers. “Marcel Rivers is in another one of those fights where you throw out the records, Sydney Maccow can fight. Onsel Charles and Martinez was a terrific fight the first time and Burgos Arnold.” You can find the full fight card on Boxrec so be sure to check that out pre-fight.

In making these even and competitive matches, Peltz gives fighters a chance to compete and show their skills so they can improve their futures, not be a name on a list of victories for a top prospect or the victim of a mismatch. “These kids deserve a chance to display their wares on an equal level without being served up to PBC, Eddie Hearn, Top Rank, and Golden Boy.” In doing this, Peltz keeps things old school, while also being firmly in support of the fighters and fans.

Through his career Peltz has seen the difference in fame a boxer could have in the 70’s to today. “If Danny Garcia walked down the street in Center City, nobody would know. I remember bumping into Joe Fraizer when I was a kid downtown, and I knew who he was. Or when Bennie Briscoe would go into city hall, everyone would want to talk to him.  That’s not a knock on Danny Garcia, or I could say the same thing about Julian Williams. It’s not their fault.”

There might not be titles on the line, but Peltz has always been able to put on compelling cards without an alphabet belt or lineal title on the line. One shining example would be Briscoe against “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, from August 24th 1978 at the Spectrum, which had a crowd of almost 15,000 for two well known boxers ready to challenge each other. The Spectrum is gone but Peltz still remains, as does the S which he signed recently.

Despite his time in the business, Peltz is still at the top of the game. One of his fighters is Jason Sosa, who will be challenging Miguel Berchelt for the WBC super featherweight title. “Jason Sosa is the best thing that’s happened to me at this stage in my career.” A former title holder, Sosa climbed up the ladder again and on November 2nd he’ll be waging war in Carson, California.

Russell Peltz has seen and done it all in boxing, and on October 4th he’ll be taking in another night of fantastic boxing at the 2300 Arena. Tickets are still available online at the 2300 Arena main site, and walk up at the ticket window. It will be a show you don’t want to miss, celebrating a man who has helped the Philadelphia boxing scene be and remain one of the best in the world.

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