Phillies Remove Gabe Kapler as Manager

Philadelphia: During any off season there is always changes being made & the Philadelphia Phillies are about to make a change that needed to be done.

On Thursday the Phillies would announce that they have removed Gabe Kapler as Manager

Statement from Gabe Kapler

Phillies Managing Partner John Middleton:
“Several years ago, I promised our loyal fans that I would do everything in my power to bring a world championship team to our city. I will never waver from that commitment. During the second half of this season and continuing into this week, I have evaluated our organization extensively, a process that included talking to many people both internally and around the league. Reassuring to me was the endorsement that people outside the Phillies gave to the progress we have made recently, both organizationally and on the field. Nevertheless, with the knowledge that I have gained from my evaluation, combined with my personal reflection on the 2019 season, I have decided that some changes are necessary to achieve our ultimate objective. Consequently, we will replace our manager. I am indebted to Gabe for the steadfast effort, energy and enthusiasm that he brought to our club, and we are unquestionably a better team and organization as a result of his contributions. With Matt leading our search for our next manager, I am confident that we will find the right person to lead us.”

During his two seasons as the manager, Kapler went 161-163 and there would several situations that Kapler would make some questionable decisions that would hurt the team and the fans would very frustrated and it showed during his two years as down the stretch in September as they were in a playoff race and just collapsed. John Middleton would hear from the fans and 11 days after the season ended, Middleton would talk to several players in deciding to make the decision to change the manager.

So what did go wrong with Gabe Kapler

Was Gabe Kapler the right fit for the Phillies?

The Phillies will have press conference on Friday October 11 at 1PM & John Middleton, Andy MacPhail and Matt Klentak will be speaking.

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