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What is up my people. The NBA season starts today, and I haven’t been this excited in a while. The 76ers are gonna be good. Really good. I’m purchasing league pass. And my wife will have to accept that I am not watching hallmark movies this season!

So to start the season I figured I’d do something fun and hit the streets and ask for some predictions, thoughts, and hot takes.

And by streets I mean social media, nothing about my life anymore says I’m actually hitting the real streets.

So here is the plan, I asked on social media, you guys responded, I screenshot your responses, and then give you my thoughts on your takes.

my tweet


rahul prediction

So Rahul, idk man. I like you but I don’t know if a team has ever made the playoffs that was completely made up of power forwards has ever made the playoffs. But sure man that’s a hell of a hot take.

spark it up

Spark it up! What up my man. Let’s talk.

Ben Simmons – I agree.

Fultz – as much as i want him to succeed, I’m not buying it. I think his problem is mental and what we have seen so far this preseason is the same we saw at the beginning of last season. I don’t think he worked on the mental aspect of his game and feel he wont break out. However for the kids sake, I hope I am wrong.

Hawks – very well can be, they have some serious young talent and the east is weak.

Jalen Brown – yup, they should already regret it. However do not be surprised if he is traded fro Sabonis in Indy, when they both become available to be traded.

Young Guys – I agree.

process potables pics

Yo, Process Potables! You’re nuts, Magic may make the playoffs but top 4 is a little HOTT!

Warriors  – very well possible, esp with the news that Klay won’t play at all this year.

Lakers – I can see that, team isn’t really that good outside of Lebron and AD.

Wolves – are trash and the west is stacked. Idk about that one.

Blake/Love – Pistons I think compete for a playoff spot and may want to keep Blake around. Love i believe 100% gets traded, Portland is an interesting spot for him.

Also Process Potables is a good pod with a mixture of craft beer and sixers talk. Unfortunately not a part of Yellow Jacket Media but is a good listen and follow. So when you are done reading all our content and listening to all our pods, I suggest checking these guys out. Just remember Yellow Jacket first, then these guys.

bodkin bills

This is my buddy Tim. He is a Lakers fan (BOOOO). And he is nuts. Not happening this year buddy.

Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 12.18.40 PM[1831]

Dennis, you’re right. I agree. This is hott, this is bold, and this is TRUE! haha maybe not, but how cool would that be!

While we are hear, Dennis is not a part of Yellow Jacket either, but is a good follow.


So Facebook takes got a little weird, shot out to my non basketball fans for their takes. Apparently hot takes turns into hot cakes, and my buffalo friend who seems just a little too excited that the Bills still have a winning record 7 weeks into the season.

That’s all I have for now! But we have 7 hours and 28 minutes till the first game of the season. Comment below or find me on twitter @manoffrm or on facebook Rob Manoff and give me your takes and predictions. I’ll add them and edit all the way up till tonights first game.

And while you’re at it follow @ yellowjacketmedia on social media.




mitch takemitch take 2


Thank you to Mitch Lawrence of siriusXMNBA for chiming in and giving me some thoughts on the upcoming season! Appreciate you taking time out of your day.

First and foremost it is ALL KD’S FAULT!

As far as super teams I agree, I really think this is going to be a great season. At the top it is very competitive with Klay being out all season and KD leaving the Warriors and being out all season. Even the top teams Sixers/Bucks/Clippers/Nuggets etc will all be extremely competitive. And just as much fun I think we see the young and up and coming teams take a step forward. There really is no clear cut team like a healthy Warriors team that we can say is head and shoulders above the rest of the league.

OK, take number 2! I actually agree, however I do not think Joel will be the end of game go get a bucket guy. I think Brett goes back to before Jimmy times and runs a play with multiple option. But late game scoring is much needed by Joel. Like the last 5-8 minutes of a game where every possession is crucial and you are exchanging buckets, that’s where Joel must perform.

And here is my take, 20 pounds down, new plan for rest and health management for him and a seemingly new mindset entering the season, Joel is going to be that guy this year. And the 76ers are winning the chip!


rtrs take

My man! (sorry do not know you’re real name) but this is hot. I can see Warriors missing out because the west is stacked. But the Pacers still should be pretty good and barring injury I don’t think a team with AD and Lebron are missing the playoffs.


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