Suspension of Disbelief: Joel Farabee to Miss Three Games

Joel Farabee got his first taste of Flyers treatment from the NHL on Tuesday. The Department of Player Safety ruled to suspend the Flyers rookie winger for three games for his hit on Mathieu Perrualt in the Flyers 7-3 loss to the Winnipeg Jets.

First we’ll post the link to the DOPS explanation of the suspension here. Now here is a game clip of what happened.

When breaking down what actually happened, the DOPS said there was at least a second in between Perreault letting the puck go and Farabee closing with the hit. It is a bit outside the window of a standard finish your check scenario. If you’re adding up as you go, that’s 2 minutes for interference so far.

When it comes to the play itself becoming suspension worthy, it comes down to force and intent. After getting a healthy cross check in front of the net, a clearly frustrated Joel Farabee got up looking to throw his frustrations squarely into the first Jet he saw. Enter Perreault, admiring his pass and making himself vulnerable.

Joel Farabee lays the wallop on him, a stiff shoulder to the chest. Perreault goes down hard and is injured on the play. Farabee’s intent to deliver a hard check was clear, and combined with lateness, the player’s vulnerability, and an injury occurring, it becomes clear that a major penalty, a match penalty and ultimately a suspension was warranted by the way the current rules are constructed.

Now for a player who has never been suspended or even fined, three games is a tad much. It also stings when you consider Brady Tkachuk jumping Laughton only incurred a small fine.

While Farabee undoubtedly learned a lesson from taking a hit in games and a $14,919 hit in his paycheck, the young winger will hopefully keep up his physical play. If he can avoid one sided fights (like the one he ended up in with Marcus Foligno) but retain an edge to his game it should increase his abilities as a forechecker and open up new opportunities. He’ll be back November 23rd against the Rangers.



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