Future Flyers Go For Gold

If you’re a hockey fan or a Canadian then you know and look forward to Boxing Day every year. In addition to being a bonus holiday it also signals the start of the 2020 World Junior Championships, when the best players 20 and under suit up for their respective home squads and for many, also compete for draft position for the upcoming NHL draft.

This year the Flyers will be watching closely to decide on the next crop of prospects, and they’ll be keeping an eye on a few of their own as well. This year the orange and black have four players suiting up in the tournament.

Now let’s get to who and for who.

Bobby Brink -United States, Forward

Brink figures to be one of the big offensive drivers for the US in this tournament. The undersized (5’8 160 pound) forward is a gifted offensive talent and is seen by some as the Flyers answer to passing over a similarly sized offensive dynamo in Cole Caufield. He is the lone Denver Pioneer representative.

Brink is a competitor, and has been compared to Travis Konecny and Brendan Gallagher. The big knock on Brink in his draft year was his skating ability. He’ll be one to watch as he’ll figure prominently in Team USA’s offensive plans.

Cam York -United States, Defense

The Flyers first round pick this year, Cam York has been bit by injury bug as of late but is one of the bright spots for a bleak season at Michigan. York is an offensive driver, smooth skater, and has adapted well to the college game.

How much he’ll play is a different matter though. There are 7 US defensemen and on all the rosters he seems to be the odd man out. The old adage is that defenseman take longer to develop, so it’s likely we’ll see York in the tournament next year in a more prominent role.

Adam Ginning -Sweden, Defense

Ginning isn’t your typical high end prospect. He’s a defenseman first who isn’t going to jump up in the play much or be on the power play. He’s big at 6’4 and has room to pack on some weight, and plays a tough game. He’s also a very good skater despite not offering a lot on offense.

A veteran of the tournament, Ginning is Sweden’s captain. It’s possible that he could be a useful stabilizer on the back end, and a good performance here could reassure that hope.

Yegor Zamula -Russia, Defense

The Flyers took a chance on Zamula after he went un-drafted thanks to a stellar season with the Calgary Hitmen in the WHL. He’s even better offensively now, and should be one of the most pro ready prospects in the Flyers system.

As opposed to a prospect like Ginning, Zamula wants to carry to the puck and create offense. He’s got the skating ability to active and lead or join the rush, and can finish. Considering the success of Phil Myers you can expect Zamula to have the attention of Flyers fans and the brass.

The World Junior Championships start December 26th and go to January 5th.

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