Basketball Live Music and Fun. The Blue Coats had it all Tonight


Live music

and a Live Podcast.

That was the scene tonight at the 76ers Field House, in Delaware as the Blue Coats took on the Atlanta Hawks G-League team the College Park Sky Hawks. Unfortunately, the Blue Coats lost. But that really wasn’t the story of the night.

Something that really stuck out to me, was the atmosphere there. Granted the Ricky (which we will get into later) having their two way night and live pod brought a lot of fans into the building. In fact as Spike and Mike mentioned in the beginning of their live pod, it was the largest crowd ever for a Blue Coats game.

The best way i can describe the atmosphere there – it has the intimacy of a high school basketball game but with professional players and professional entertainment. They had some of the trampoline dunk squad guys. They had the 76ers drum line guys there. They had fun games for fans to play, whether it was Tic Tac Toe where you only get to make a move after you make a basket, or having a fan throw T-shirts at giant signs with Blue Coats players faces on it in order to win a prize, the entertainment value for the price of admission is one of the best deals in town.

tick tak roe
Make a Basket



Make your move 

Not only is it fun, but there isn’t a bad seat in the house. No matter where you sit you are up close and personal.

And they have a house band, who played a kick ass show at half time out in the atrium. Paul Green Rock Academy provides the music and I’m telling you they were awesome. Some background to Paul Green Rock Academy – Paul was original owner of School of Rock, which Jack Black eventually starred in a movie about. From my understanding it was a music school for young kids. Paul sold it, but eventually came back to our area and opened Paul Green Rock Academy.

Paul Green Rock Academy Kids Rockin’ out at halftime 

Tonight at the field house was the master program kids. 10-18 year old kids rocking out in front of a bunch of people they don’t know, at a professional basketball game. And they killed it. When the girl singer sang the National Anthem I literally got chills. And then I was lucky enough to venture out of the court area at halftime and saw their show. And it rocked.  These kids were good, and put on a show and were worth the price of admission alone.


I’ve already said it but these kids rocked out, and I can’t wait to go back to hear some more.

The atmosphere, the entertainment,and the house band were awesome. Luckily for us tonight was a special night as the Rights to Ricky Sanchez had their first ever 2-way night and live pod post game. The arena was full of obnoxious Ricky people chanting Trust the Process and demanding Frostys after the Sky Hawks missed their FTs in the second half.

Then, fans were treated to a live post game pod, that included players like Shizz Alston and Haywood Highsmith. And others. I won’t spoil anything said during the pod so fans can listen tomorrow. However, I would like to point out how yellow the one host’s shoes. Is he rocking the Furkan 1s?

img_2945img_2950And of course Sixer and Ricky fans did not disappoint. They filled the stands. And even were very excited to show their non stupid faces for a photo op.






These are normal faces, find a new slant! 

It really was a great night in Delaware. They had everything down there and put on a good show. The live pod may not happen again soon but the music and entertainment is a nightly thing there and well worth it.

And also above all else, there was a basketball game!

Zhaire Warming up 

The Blue Coats as a team are fun to watch. They can score and they run. And they have a lot of talent down there.

Marial Shayok led all scorers with 29. That guy was a walking bucket.

Post game Marial got high praise from his coach when asked about his offensive ceiling :

“Marial is very talented, he has the mentality to make shots combined with the skill to get them off. That makes him very hard to guard. He will have to kinda pick and choose his spots more at the next level, but it is not clear to me any reason why he can’t be successful as a knock down shooter and scorer in low clock situations with his abilities”

Shayok stood out the most of the Blue Coats players in my opinion.  Hopefully with some experience and time he can get on an NBA court, and fill a major need that the Sixers have.

On the Zhaire Smith front, when asked pre-game, coach Johnson talked about how Smith has improved in his offensive game. Picking his spots, being more aggressive getting into the paint, and his decision making as key points of growth on the offensive end.

Also Christ Koumadje is giant. Words can’t describe how big he is.

Shayock doing what he does best. Getting a bucket 

But in the end the Blue Coats loss 132-125. Even with the loss the atmosphere, the game play, and the entertainment was enough for most fans to really enjoy their night.

This being my first night covering the team, and my first night in the building watching I would highly recommend fans to take a night and a trip and go see this team and this arena. Well worth the price of admission and then some.

–  Rob Manoff  (@manoffrm on twitter)

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