Josh Richardson & Ben Simmons lead charge as Sixers take down Thunder

Philadelphia: During any season, a team goes through adversity and that is what is going on with the Philadelphia 76ers who currently stand at 23-14 as they took on Oklahoma City Thunder from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia on Monday night. The Sixers are currently on a 4 game losing streak while the Thunder roll into Philly on a 5 game winning streak, so something got to give.

During the first quarter, both teams would have good chances to score but could not finish. a very painful situation happened in the first as Joel Embiid would injure his left hand and turned out he dislocated it but he would return to the game

Postgame Sixers coach Brett Brown would talk about the toughness of Embiid in coming back in the game

The game would be tied at 31 at the end of the first quarter, In the second quarter, the Sixers would make things difficult for the Thunder as they took a 10 point lead into halftime.

This game would get very interesting in the second half as the Thunder would wake up and slowly cut into the Sixers lead down to 2 on eight separate times with the last one being 108-106 with 1:27 left.

The Sixers would make their foul shots down the stretch and in the process end their 4 game losing streak with a 120-113 win. The Sixers will look to build a winning streak as they take on Boston Celtics on Thursday.

The Sixers fans would get excited in the second half as Oklahoma City would miss two foul shots and they would get a free Frosty from Wendys

Final Numbers:Sixers vs Thunder final stats 1-6-20


Sixers coach Brett Brown:

Sixers Josh Richardson:

Sixers Ben Simmons:

Sixers Joel Embiid:

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