So I sat around a lot of today. Just hanging with my kids. Like many of us probably did after reflecting on today’s news that Kobe Bryant died. Made sure to hug them extra tight before bed and make sure to call my mom and say “good night I love you.”

In this kind of time where it seems like news shook everyone, it always makes me self reflect and reminds me to be a little bit more grateful for each day.

I lost my dad, 4 days before I was supposed to come home from Afghanistan. I didn’t call home the couple days before that, think I would have learned my lesson to not take days for granted.

Today hit hard. Hearing the news, how it happened, and who was involved, just hit real hard. And I didn’t even know Kobe but the reaction from fans, players, media, actors, just every day normal people was so touching and you could tell the impact he had on people. It’s like we all felt the same feeling when we heard the news.

So I was asked by yellow jacket to put a story up on the site. And it made me nervous, I really wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything disingenuous to him or his family. I didn’t know if I was able to pay tribute enough to a legend.

I wrote a quick write up with the info we knew at the time and some quick thoughts on Kobe, and I told myself I would write something later, something better, something more touching.

So, here I am. Sitting on my front porch, enjoying the devils grass, and waiting for my cheese steak to be delivered. Not taking this moment for granted at all.

But I can’t think of the right stuff to say. I’m not capable of putting the right words, in the right order on paper to be able to give a proper tribute to one of the greatest to ever grace the court. I don’t know what to say.

Then I got an idea. I don’t need to say anything. The biggest tribute to this man is the overwhelming reaction from everyone all over. You guys already said it better than I could ever say it. This guy made such an impression on so many, all around the world, and it’s never been seen more than it was today.

So, in your own words A Tribute to Kobe:

R.I.P MAMBA 1978-2020

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