XFL Opening Week Review

This week the new professional football league the XFL began and I was very impressed with what I saw. The level of play is obviously nowhere close to what we see in the NFL but, the XFL has shown that it’s entertaining. 

The thing that has the most people talking is some of the unique rules implemented. The kickoff of the XFL averaged around 3.3 million viewers. Dallas and New York had an attendance of around 17,000. To give you an idea of that figure the Chargers averaged around 25,000 fans at their home games this season.  

The NFL could definitely take a few things from the XFL including something implemented during the broadcast which is putting the spread and over/under in the lower third of the broadcast. Sports gambling is a growing industry and this is something the NFL should really look to do. 

Now to the field. 

The XFL is aimed to be a super quick football game with the play clock at 25 seconds compared to the NFL’s 40 second play clock. 

There are lots of significant differences in the rules between the NFL and XFL but I’ll just give you some of my personal favorites. The coaches have the ability to communicate to all skill players giving the coach more say in what is happening on the field. Another rule is the clock stops with two minutes left in the half which prevents any team from running down the clock which gives the trailing team a better chance to win. The last rule that I really liked was that there is no kicking option during an extra point. There are three options as far as scoring during an extra point which include a one point attempt from the two yard line, a two point attempt from the five yard line, and a three point attempt from the ten yard line. 

I’m not here to say that the XFL is more exciting then the NFL or has a chance to even compete to be the best football league. What I do think is that the XFL is a good alternative for someone trying to watch some football post NFL. 

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