We’re looking for you

Hello all. This is John Crichton (@jc215live), co-owner and managing director here at Yellow Jacket Media. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. Been quite busy around here.

We have been up to some really cool shit and we’re super pumped to see our family continue to grow. Although we’ve a had stops at other outlets, YJ Media itself has only been open for business since September of 2019.

In that time we’ve eclipsed our goals for the first few months dramatically. We started out by having a handful of in-studio shows that we’re hosted by just the partners. At the time I’m typing this we now are running 14 fully produced in-studio shows. We have also teamed with some great people who were able to build out a syndicated stream on our site that is providing a platform for content creators from all over the globe. At the time of this article we have 8 syndicated shows, streaming from places such as Michigan, Tennessee, Delaware, and MILAN ITALY!!!

Our creators are producing content that covers everything from sports and culture to hip hop and gambling, and everything in between. It’s this diverse atmosphere and family like mind set that has Yellow Jacket at the forefront for people looking to have their voices heard and the best place in the area to see their brands grow.

We’re also surrounded by a group of writers who are pumping out outstanding opinion based articles on a weekly basis.  We are credentialed to cover the Philadelphia 76ers and their G-League affiliate Delaware Blue Coats, Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse, Lasalle men’s CBB, Temple Woman’s CBB, Combat sports and Boxing events.

With this growth that we’ve exhibited, it leaves us wondering where do we go from here? How do we get to the point where we’re consistently accomplishing all the goals we set for ourselves?

Well, the way to start that is to add more great people to our family. That’s where you come in. Have you ever wanted to join a team that puts YOU first? One that doesn’t look to just provide a service, take your money and usher you out the door without really caring about you or your brand, an outlet that cares less about social media follower numbers and more about you? Have you ever sat around watching a sporting event and realized you have great thoughts on the game and you wish someone could read them?

Well stop your wondering because Yellow Jacket Media is looking for you. We have several positions that were constantly looking to fill. Whether you have a podcast and want to see it grow into something special, looking to start a podcast and don’t no how to get it going, or you’re an aspiring writer looking to finally put your words to use, we want you. A list of all the positions we are looking for will be listed below

If you want to be apart of our family, reach out to me at yellowjacketmedia2019@gmail.com or feel free to text or call 267-902-8972. My phone is ALWAYS on (just ask my wife) and I’m always available (sorry hon). I would love to chat with you about how we here at YJ Media can help you create something special. Thanks #JoinTheSwarm

🐝 Podcasters

🐝 Writers

🐝 Advertising Sales team members

🐝 Engineers (producers)

🐝 Advertisers/Sponsors


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