Joel Embiid puts on a show as Sixers take down Hawks

Philadelphia: As everyone knows during any season, there are going to be ups and downs and the Philadelphia 76ers are going through it with injuries & questions about how the team communicates on the floor as they attempt to fight their way up for home court in the first round. The 76ers took on the Atlanta Hawks from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia on Monday Night.

The Sixers were in control until the Hawks went on their run and things changed as the Sixers fought their way back for a 129-112 win.

Would Tobias Harris play:

Coming into the game there would be questions if Tobias Harris would play with the knee injury

After pregame, it was determined that he will play

Harris would finish with 25 points & 4-6 from 3 pt range

Al Horford returned to the lineup:

With Ben Simmons out, There was a lot of mixed reaction about Brett Brown putting Al Horford back in the lineup after coming off the bench

One of the plays made by Horford:

It was the Joel Embiid show:

Late in the 4th quarter, Embiid would increase his points to 49 for a new career-high with this three-pointer

How it sounded in the building

This is the type of game that Joel Embiid should be doing, following the game, Embiid said postgame that he wants to get back to having fun.

The Hawks with a 40 point 3rd quarter:
coming into the 3rd quarter, the Sixers lead 69-52 & lead by 21, then the Hawks would wake up and make things difficult for the Sixers by dropping a 40 point quarter tapped off by this shot from Trae Young to end the quarter

Hawks took a 92-91 lead at end of 3rd quarter.

Who is this Sixers team in the 4th quarter:
After the Hawks went up to end the 3rd, the Sixers woke up and just went on the attack

The Sixers are now 27-2 at home.

What is next:
The Sixers are now 36-22 and will go back on the road to play Cleveland on Wednesday & then a quick turnaround to play the Knicks on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center.

Final Numbers:Sixers vs Hawks Final Numbers


Sixers coach Brett Brown:

Sixers Joel Embiid:

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