The side affects of this new crazy world we live in!

We live in a brave new world.  The Corona Virus spread through our country and the world has become the only news that we hear or talk about. It has caused mass hysteria at food stores and convenience stores for toilet paper and hand sanitizer…. (but not hand soap or cleaners for some reason).
We know the sports world, which is what we talk about here mostly, has come to a complete shut down.  And we have heard stories of athletes and sports owners taking care of stadium workers who are going to be out of work for awhile.  But there are alot of other people out there that are going to be affected and hurt by this pandemic.  This article is meant to highlight some of the other people that are and will be hurt by this event.
I may be a little biased on the first group of people affected… Small businesses! I own a small pizza shop (cheap plug and have seen the affects of people not ordering out as much. But I am one of approximately 61000 of them in America.  And most of us already take great care of being clean and sanitary… did you know all board of health records are public knowledge?  Check your local county healthy department page for a specific locations records… most likely if they already have a good track record they are safe to go into. Not only do the owners suffer, but so do servers, bartenders, delivery drivers who work on tips… so be generous of those individuals.  Most take out and delivery restaurants are now offering hands free delivery and pickup options… just another way to help out and eliminate concerns.  The hourly cooks and hosts and such are also worrying… sales go down… so do their hours.  An employee of mine has a brother that works in a kitchen at a fine dining establishment and he is concerned about hours being cut drastically. And while some owners will help their staff out some won’t (whether its bc they won’t or can’t afford to on their own).  Small retail shops like clothing and furniture stores will not be making any money. Staff hours there will be cut as well. Think about stopping in and buying a gift card… the small businesses get the instant cash that will help with bills and payroll.

On the flip side be courteous of food store and large retailers workers.  They are working hard and trying hard to meet the needs of the crazy people buying pallets of TP.  They aren’t getting paid time off.
Be courteous of the hospital workers, nurses, and doctors.  They know you are scared (and they probably are also) and cannot stay home bc they are needed more than ever. Be patient and even say thank you to them.  Heck if you can afford it, offer to buy their offices or hospitals lunch… (if they are aloud to bring outside food in).
Also lend a helping hand to medical staff, major retail workers, township workers, etc… if they have kids and now have no daycare.  Maybe offer to watch their kids for them… they cannot stay home and most do not have daycare setup on the fly like this to take care of their kids.
Also do not forget about those in the travel industry.  Hotels, cruise ships, travel agents, etc are obviously taking a hit.  Again if you are capable of, buy a gift card or book a trip for the future.  If you are calling asking about cancellations please be patient.  These workers know as little as you do and are also working instead of being home with their families.  Casinos will be hit hard.  We all love our gambling, but with sports shut down, sports books will be closing and cutting staff.  Casinos seem like a breeding ground for spreading a disease but I am sure they are whipping every machine and table down 300x over.
I had so many things to write about this week.  But obviously they were sports related and now seem so unimportant.  I hope this clears up fast and we can get back to arguing about Ben Simmons lack of jump shot, the Phillies upcoming season (although they would be deemed World Series champions at this point check out my potential tattoo if you all follow and retweet, Eagles free agency, and the Orange and Black Hot Flyers.  But until then relax and take care of yourselves. Washy Washy. Take precautions.  Watch some Netflix (maybe my next article will be on my favorite shows of all time and those that you should binge if your stuck at home).
All in all… alot of people are affected by this outbreak.  Is it the end of the world?  NO!  Is it a big deal?  YES!  We can all do our part helping those that need it and supporting the economy.  So before buying that 15th 24 pack of jumbo double roll TP… think about popping into the local pizza shop and grabbing a pie (heck it is Pi Day!) or pop over to the local bar and have a drink.  I’ll buy if you see me!

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