Foles Traded To Chicago: Return of Magic?

The last time Nick Foles won a game, it had that familiar air of destiny about it. Now he’ll be spending most Sundays there.

It was a cold playoff weekend in Chicago when Foles lead a drive, and connected on a TD throw with Golden Tate (seems like forever ago) and then left it up to the defense. Then Treyvon Hester got a whisper of a fingertip on the kick from Cody Parkey. It hit the left side of the upright. It hit the cross bar. It bounced out. Everyone celebrated, and it seemed like maybe once again the Eagles were going to do something incredible.

Their run would end against New Orleans the next game, and so would Foles time with the Eagles. He moved onto Jacksonville and it looked like a great situation for the former Super Bowl MVP and once upon a time Pro Bowler. Maybe Foles would realize his potential over a whole season.

Instead he broke his collar bone in the first game of the season, albeit while throwing a dime of a touchdown pass. With the emergence of his backup, Gardner Minshew III he found himself on the bench again. He played in just 4 games, with three touchdowns and two picks.

Now Foles and his soon to be restructured $88 million dollar contract is a member of the Chicago Bears in exchange for a 4th round pick. Foles might be brought in to stabilize the position, as he’s an improvement over the departing Chase Daniel. Yet, thanks to his success in Philadelphia he could also challenge Mitch Trubisky, who is eternally on the hot seat in Chicago.

Foles coming off the bench and returning to Super Bowl MVP form isn’t likely, but could he have one last run in him? Might this finally light a fire under Trubisky? All we know is that we don’t play Chicago this year, so why not, lets hope Foles shows off one more time.

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