Philly’s Best Games

What’s up my no sports to watch quarantined people! Yesterday marked a whole week since the NBA suspended the season and then every other sports league followed suit. So, if you are like me you’re tired of watching Bravo and the Hallmark channel. So we here at Yellow Jacket decided to come up with a March Madness Style bracket of the best games in Philly Sports starting from 2000.

Rules are simple check out my twitter (@manoffRM) to vote on the current match up. Each “game will last” 4 hours. The winner advances. We have picked 32 games in total and ranked them.

Don’t agree with the rankings I don’t care. If we missed a game, I don’t care. This is just fun and more for inspiration if you want to go back and watch some classics. As the games go on check back on the site, I’ll try to find good YouTube clips and write up from that time.

The first 4 match ups of the round of 32 look like this:

Day 1 Round 1

Ok so match up 1

The Stepover Game Game 1 of the NBA Finals 2001 vs Bryce Harpers Grand Slam 2019

Full Game 1

Bryce’s Grand Slam Walk Off

Match up 2 Day 1 Round 1

2000 Eagles vs Cowboys Pickle Juice Game vs 2009 Phillies vs Dodgers Jimmy Rollins walk off double

Match up 3 Day 1 Round 1

The 3 seed Foles 7 TD game vs the raiders going against the 2012 Sixers game 6 clinch vs the Bulls

Final match up of the day

Match up 4 Day 1 Round 1

We have the 7 seed 10 win Sixers taking the 73 win Warriors down the wire vs 2 seed Miracle at the new Meadowlands in 2010

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