Best of Philly Round 1 Day 3

Exciting day in sports yesterday huh? Well if you weren’t paying attention you should have been. We had some great match ups. Here are the results

Round 1 Day 2

We finally saw an upset as 6 seed Eagles that crushed the Cowboys week 44-6 beat the Mcnabb broken ankle game. But other than that all favorites advamced, including 2017 NFC Championship, Nova NCAA Championship buzzer beater and Roy Halladay’s no hitter.

Today we have the top right section ready to go.

Round 1 day 3

The 1 seed Flyers vs Penguins 5 ot game takes on the 8 seed Sixers beating the defending champion Heat on opening night.

the whole ot
MCW first game

Next up we have the 5 seed Sixers vs Raptors game 7 going up against surprising 4 seed Joel Embiid’s first game.

Highlights game 7
Full Game
Joel Embiid;s First Game

Next Match up we have the favorite Eagles vs Lions snow game vs the 6 seed TO’s first game as an eagle.

Full Game
TO’s first game

Final match up of the day the favorite 2 seed Cole Hamel’s no hitter vs 7 seed 2019 76ers Christmas day

Final out
ChristMas Day Highlights

Here we go, polls will be up on my twitter in about a half our (@manoffrm). Go vote and watch some old games and highlights.

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