Best of Philly Day 4 Round 1

Yesterday’s results

Yesterdays Results

Yesterday we saw Flyers Penguins move on, along with Cole Hamel’s no hitter, Eagles vs Lions snow game, and Sixers Raptors game 7 in 2001.

Today we have more good match ups for round 1.

Round 1 Day 4

Match up 1 Day 4 Round 1

Roy Halladay’s perfect game vs TJ McConnell’s game winner vs the Knick

Full game
Last out
Tj’s GW
Full Game highlights

Next up we have Phillies vs Nationals to clinch the NL East in 2007 vs Flyer Bruins game 7 to complete the comeback from down 0-3

Phillies vs Nationals full game
Video Yearbook of the 2007 season narrative by Rollins just because
Flyers vs Bruins Full game
Flyers vs Bruins game 7 highlights

Next up 4th and 26 game vs Ben Simmons 34 point triple double vs Brooklyn in 2019

Full 4th and 26 game
Highlights and documentary
The Play
Ben Simmons 34-12-12 highlights

And lastly we have Furkan Korkmaz GW vs Miracle at the Meadowlands in 2003

Korkmaz GW highlights
Final Couple Minutes
Just the last play
B West punt return

And this will be it for round 1. Going to take a break tomorrow and we will resume Tuesday for round 2. Let’s GO!

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