76ers Ownership Changes Mind will Pay Employees full wages.

The corona-virus outbreak has forced many businesses to close their doors temporarily. The NBA isn’t immune to loss of business either. After Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus the NBA suspended all games until further notice.

The fall out from this is really bad for some people, not just nerds like me who are obsessed with watching the games, but for the hourly employees who don’t make millions and rely on games to pay the rent. Owners around the NBA, such as Mark Cuban, pledge to still pay these employees as if games were still going on. Josh Harris and the 76ers had different plans.

The Sixers released a statement last night saying that employees who make over 50k a year will take a 20% pay cut and work weeks would go to 4 days a week. Claiming that this would stop lay offs and employees would still keep their health benefits and 401k contributions, the organization must have thought this was a good deal. However, the public decided that it was an awful thing to do and they made their voices known.

I can sit here and tell you that Josh Harris is worth 4 billion dollars or that he and friends bought the Sixers for 280 million, and the team is now estimated worth of 2 billion, a 21% increase. I can tell you how this is another awful look where the team looks at people as assets and seemingly sole goal is to make money. I can tell you that Harris and company are motivated by nothing but greed and do not really care about their employees, even in the middle of a global pandemic. But I’d rather show you what the people, the fans and media, had to say about it.

A thread :

Clearly this was a move to the dismay of the fan base. And Sixers twitter has been know to bully people in the right direction, but they still needed that extra push. It had to be something big and it came in a 7 foot 2 gift from god.

At this point the pressure was too much for ownership. Feeling that pressure they had no choice but to pay their employees full wages as if games were still being played.

They messed up, they said sorry and are most likely grumpy about it. Whatever reason they decided to go back on that plan doesn’t matter, because in the end what was right happened. And the last 24 hours should be remembered as the day 76ers fans bullied ownership to, quoting the best big man in the game, do a 180.

Hinkie may have died for our sins, but he is still here, saving us, in the form of Joel Embiid.

And then this happened today too:

Trust The Process

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