The Highest Scoring Flyers Lines

We’re missing the Flyers an awful lot here, and one of the great things about the franchise has been watching incredible lines night in and night out deliver incredible seasons in the orange and black.

Through the Flyers 53-year team history, there have been some lines that stood out amongst the rest. We’ve narrowed down the list by just adding up combined points from the trio of linemates. We’ve also done our best to keep it to one line per Flyers era, but some deserve an extra mention on the list. In our research, we’ve found 7 Flyers lines that are worthy of inclusion, and nicknames.

The “G” Line 2011-12  214 combined points

I still think these unis looked good and should be worn once a year.

The first entry on our list is also the 2nd most recent. With Mike Richards and Jeff Carter gone, Claude Giroux was handed the keys to the car, and his wingmen were near perfect compliments. Scott Hartnell was a wrecking ball with a scoring touch, and a renewed Jaromir Jagr returning to the NHL after a KHL hiatus. Brilliant at both 5 on 5 and the power play this line worked on several levels. First, both Giroux and Jagr have otherworldly skills. They are two of the most talented players to ever play for the team. Hartnell is a perfect “grinder with skill type” who should’ve gotten more credit for having a really good shot. When you factor in that both Jagr and Hartnell could be physically dominant, and the patience of Jagr and Giroux to wait for the right opening meant they could be deadly when you least expected it.

Unfortunately the line didn’t play a full season together, as Jagr’s age and returning to the rigors of NHL limited him to 73 games, and he was healthy in even less. The Flyers let him walk in the offseason. In one of the more recent Flyers what-if scenarios, Jagr would be productive in his tour around the NHL which took him to Dallas, Boston, New Jersey and Florida. His final forgettable stop was a 22 game stint in Calgary.

Hi-Speed Line 81-82- combined 217 points 

Bring back Cooperalls, for one game.

What happens when three guys who tore up the junior ranks join forces in the NHL? You get the Hi-Speed line which was dominant in the early ’80s for the Flyers. They racked up 608 points total as a trio, and the best combined year was 81-82. Brian Propp, Ray Allison, and Ron Flockhart rocked pants and the scoresheet. Despite the questionable style of the trio, the skill and speed with which they played made them amongst the best in Flyers’ regular-season production. They would fall victim to injuries but were an important part of the changing of the guard from the end of the Bobby Clarke era in Flyers hockey.

Deuce’s Wild Line 05-06 combined 219 points

Bring back the black.

I’m not sure if this line was really called the Deuce’s Wild line, but I have a Flyers novelty tie which says it is. Just shading above the Hi-Speed line this was your classic big body, sniper, playmaker combination. If you played any late-era 00’s NHL games, you may have heard digital Bill Clement say “Peter Forsberg once said Simon Gagne was the purest shooter he ever played with.” Gagne had 47 goals that season as his winger and Knuble had 34, both career highs. Forsberg too was brilliant, with 75 points in an injury-shortened 60 game campaign. Of all the players who lost games and stats to injuries, Forsberg’s point totals would’ve been well over 1000 for his career had he managed a full 82 game season more than once in his career.

Legion of Doom 95-96 combined 255 points. 

I’m partial to these orange uni’s as well.

One of the two or three lines you’d expect to find here, the Legion of Doom was a trio with size and speed that became the stuff of nightmares. Eric Lindros was mostly healthy this season, producing a career-high 115 points alongside his talented linemates. John LeClair likewise had a career season with 51 goals and 97 points. Mikael Renberg had a good season as well, with 43 points in 51 games.

It could be as talented a line as the Flyers have ever put out. LeClair was a 5-time All-Star, Renberg was an oft-injured but talented player, and Lindros is a Hall of Famer. The three could beat you with speed or power, and usually both. If any line could leave you bruised, battered, and outscored it would be this one.

Crazy 8’s 92-93- combined 257 points

How did Mark Recchi always look old?

Wait, Lindros was part of a line that was more successful than the Legion of Doom!? In 1992-93 they bettered them by two points. New Flyer Brent Fedyuk took to playing with the highly talented Mark Recchi and Eric Lindros like a duck to water, having the best season of his career with 59 points, a mark higher than any other year in his career by 21 points. Recchi scored 123 points, a Flyers single-season record. Lindros was only a rookie in 92-93 and still managed to jump out to a 75 point season. He added 147 penalty minutes to boot and put himself on the map. This though was Recchi’s year.

Ginger Line 17-18 combined 263 points


Three bodies, no souls.


In a move that likely saved his job, Dave Hakstol moved Claude Giroux to the wing and Sean Couturier assumed the role of the 1st line center. With Jake Voracek finishing out the trio these three Flyers took off from game 1 and didn’t look back. Claude Giroux leads the way with his career-best year of 102 points. Jake Voracek also had a career-best 85 point season. For good measure Sean Couturier also had his career-best season. The three were a force at 5 on 5 play and was also a lethal powerplay lineup. Oddly enough playing your three best players together works out.

LCB line 75-76 – combined 322 points 


The three best friends that anyone could have


Coming off of two straight Stanley Cup wins, the Flyers were the toughest team in the league. That fact overshadowed the fact that the team had some incredible skills. Bobby Clarke scored 119 points and continued to be the leader and engine of the team. Bill Barber scored 50 goals and 112 points. It was Reggie Leach though who had his breakthrough. His 91 points was paced by 61 goals. That was good for the Rocket Richard Trophy, and the Flyers single-season record.

With the goal-scoring talents of Barber and Leach fully formed, and Clarke firmly in his prime, setting a career-high in points in his 2nd consecutive Hart trophy win the Flyers would roar to another Stanley Cup Final. At the time the totals put forth by the LCB line would be a record for a line combination. It seems like they will stand above all other lines in Flyers history in terms of scoring.


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