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The Santa Booed First podcast is a Philly based sports and entertainment podcast focused mainly on the Philadelphia Eagles. The podcast is hosted by three generations of Eagles fans – Deke, Jim, Bryan, with the occasional guest dropping into talk all things sports in one of the greatest sports cities in the world!

Hosted by Frank Donahue, John Crichton. 215 Live is a weekly show giving you fan based opinions on the Philadelphia sports landscape with a little humor and ridiculousness added. Hear interviews each week with prominent names in the sports, media, and entertainment business.Get show updates, info on giveaways and upcoming live events by following us at @_215live on twitter, 215 Live on Facebook and 215.live on Instagram.

An inspirational podcast, inspired by Matt Cubbler’s “I Got You” Inspirational Speaking and Leadership Consulting Brand, that is dedicated to sharing the remarkable stories of selfless leaders who have lived truly memorable lives. This podcast will highlight their stories, share their journey’s and inspire every listener to look into the mirror and ask themselves if they are putting everything they have into living out their “dash.” Be ready to be transformed, uplifted and to feel the emotions in every episode!

A unique and unfiltered view on sports, life and culture

Weekly Fanatsy Football, Start Em Sit Em, Breakdown Weekly Matchups and Help Set your Lineups

We are going to tackle the issue of depression and the other struggles we deal with. We will share stories and help each other through open and honest conversations. We will talk about all the things that we keep hidden. It’s gonna hurt but healing isn’t always easy.

A biased and unpopular take on all things current, pressing, unconventional and controversial

The goal of the MoneyPot Podcast is to utilize our football background from being former collegiate D-1AA players and coaches, while  looking at the game from a insider view. Based off these experiences and skills, we give a huge advantage on understanding the Xs and Os of football. Having one of the best eyes in the gambling market, we have been able to successfully predict football outcomes among the gambling best.  We will share this information for free. If we win, you WIN!  

Weekly fantasy football, Start Em Sit Em, Breakdown Weekly Matchups and Help Set your Lineups

Join Rob Langi and Jessica Towne every week as he dives into the life of a diehard Philadelphia sports fan. With guests ranging from National Analysts to local beat writers, and fans calling in, The Madness embodies the true passion of Philadelphia sports. Be sure to subscribe and to leave a comment with your thoughts on each episode, and remember… Embrace The Madness!

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